Copy to an ideal self.

So here you are, scouring the internet…again. You’ve spent years stalking shelves, real or virtual, blogs, videos, workshops, courses, manuals, rituals… looking for that ‘thing’, that ‘one thing’ that will click, ‘flip the switch’, CHANGE your life. In a word, you’re looking for inspiration for being a better you, aren’t you? Because THEN you can be happy.

It’s a yearning, to find out who you are, who you could be, to uncover and unleash your passion, a yearning to hit on ‘that thing you’re really good at’ you keep hearing is the only possible way to live a happy life. Well guess what? It’s my yearning too. Let me save you some time. It’s doesn’t exist. YOU don’t exist out here, you’re there, right there, now, you, as you currently are. Disappointed? Me too. Or at least I have been, too many times. I’m tired of it now.

Isn’t it curious how we always end up back at ‘that’ place again, the place of being disappointed with our current state of self? When the daydream ends we awake to find our happiness boat pushed out again?

Still, you are in the right place, because I’m about to tell you something you need to hear. This is it, the truth. Are you ready? There is no place, no person on earth who can flip your switch, no blog, no book, no one here to hold up the mirror that will reflect to you what you’re searching for, the better you, the perfect you, the you that you’ve been waiting for, the you that will earn and therefore, deserve happiness. Why? Because that version of you does not, and should not exist, that version of you exists only to support your original fear. That you’re not good enough.

Here is the compassionate truth. There is nothing wrong with who you already are.

I’m willing to bet that even if it was handed to you on a plate, your purpose, your reason for being here, your talent, your gift, your solution, that thing that only you have to offer in this world you would eventually reject it. Am I right?

Why is that? This has driven me crazy for a long time. I have spent so much energy trying to ‘manifest’ a me that I can be proud of, or should I say a me the critic inside me, would be proud of.

Here’s my truth, I’ve spent most my life looking for redemption for my self imposed exile. Does this resonate? What did we ever do to ourselves to warrant such treatment?

What do I want out of this and what’s in it for you? Let’s just be ourselves here, how about that? I would like to connect, as myself, with you, as you and let us learn from each other who we really are.


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