I have a song

It’s from my soul

I’m sure

I play it on my piano all the time

It calms me

It has no words

That’s how I know it’s from my soul

Because my soul has no voice 


It’s a sad melody

But there is hope in it

there is survival

there is a fall and a rise

there is suffering and loss too

but most of all there is lonliness


and there is anger


she seems unresolved


She is so alone in there

but she is brave

she’s still there

she has to be strong

how else would she have found a way out here?


I’d love to know what her message is

what she’s trying to say

but i never ask

I don’t want to put words in her mouth 


because that would require thinking

and that’s never gotten me anywhere

I don’t want her to get trapped in this mind

though she’s still trapped behind it or under it

or somewhere


she knows it’s not safe to come out

because the mind will attack her and she will get hurt




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